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Learn the nuances of SOUND & MUSIC at YASHRAJ STUDIOS

1-day intensive workshop with YRF Chief Sound Engineer, Shantanu Hudlikar


RONKEL MEDIA EDUCATION & RESEARCH INSTITUTE is a first of its kind pioneering film institute in India where we combine ancient literature and philosophies with modern technology to create uniquely designed and highly effective ingenious course curriculum. We have also developed our own teaching approach where the courses are delivered in a customized manner so that the students not only excel in their respective domain but also stay original and can create a distinct name for themselves in the film industry.
We are also the first and only film and media institute in the country with a dedicated research center. Through extensive research, we at RONKEL have developed an altogether different approach (For e.g. RONKEL ACTING, RONKEL SCRIPTING) towards learning from any other institute in the world. With our in-depth research oriented training, irrespective of one’s educational background and/or existing talent, the individual is bound to excel in his/her respective field of interest. There is no better place than Ronkel for budding talents and film aspirants who really want to enhance their creative expression and make a mark in the Indian Film, TV and Radio industry.
Under the supreme guidance of 3 times Limca Book of Records holding Writer & Director, the history maker Visionary Mr. Sanjeev Sharma and other veteran film and media experts, RONKEL has emerged as an innovative as well as the most trustworthy place for nurturing talents.
We welcome you at RONKEL in this exciting journey of learning the art and craft of the media industry.

RONKEL MERI is the Only Film Institute in the World where a Road has been named after its Path Breaking film, "ROAD TO REFORM"

Ronkel is Known For

RONKEL-MERI doesn’t follow the conventional teaching methodologies. We train and teach our students according to the industry standards and norms.
Under the guidance and directive of the Academic board members, wide arrays of courses have been designed very carefully. These curriculums are re-visited and reviewed time to time as per the needs of the students.
1. Campus recruitments
2. In-house production
3. Paid Internship
4. Job references
Providing platform for a strong foothold in the industry.

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