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Learn the nuances of SOUND & MUSIC at YASHRAJ STUDIOS

1-day intensive workshop with YRF Chief Sound Engineer, Shantanu Hudlikar

Appreciation: Bollywood & South Celebrities Inspire Students with Heartfelt Testimonials

Founder’s message

Celebrating a Decade of Film Education & Research Excellence at Ronkel

Dear Esteemed Ronkel Family,
A decade ago, our journey began at Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute, ignited by our shared passion for cinema and an unyielding commitment to education. Today, as we reach this milestone, I am brimming with pride for our collective achievements.
Our path has been defined by our pursuit of excellence, not only in academia but also in pushing the boundaries of creativity and striving for artistic brilliance. Together, we have crafted productions featuring legendary actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Randeep Hooda, elevating the standards of storytelling and filmmaking.
Our dedication to innovation and immersive experiences has earned us acclaim from luminaries in the global cinema industry, including the distinguished three-time Oscar Award winner, Sir Daniel Day-Lewis. Our collaborations with esteemed institutions such as Birmingham City University, UK, Jagadguru Ramanadacharya Rajasthan Sanskrit University (JRRSU) Govt of Rajasthan, and our recent partnerships with the Indian Institute of Management, Raipur (IIM Raipur), have enriched our curriculum and broadened our horizons.
Looking forward, we remain unwavering in our commitment to nurturing cinematic excellence, fostering innovation, and cultivating boundless opportunities, in alignment with the visionary goals outlined by our Prime Minister for the future of India. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we proudly unveil the "Road to Reform Scholarship," inspiring our students to create films that transcend boundaries, celebrate our vibrant Indian culture, and ignite impactful social change.
I extend my deepest gratitude to our dedicated students, esteemed advisors, and seasoned industry veterans for their steadfast support and invaluable contributions. Together, we embark on a future brimming with infinite possibilities, where cinematic brilliance and storytelling empowerment reign supreme.

With heartfelt warmth and profound appreciation,
Sanjeev Sharma
Founder, Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute

Welcome to Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute

Where Dreams Meet The Silver Screen And Aspirations Take Flight.

As India's premier film school since 2014, we've been sculpting the future of Indian Cinema, Theatre, and New Media with unparalleled passion and expertise.
Led by the visionary Mr. Sanjeev Sharma and a team of industry stalwarts, we don't just teach; we ignite a flame of creativity and ingenuity within each student. Our immersive programs, from Ronkel Acting to Ronkel Voice & Dubbing, Ronkel Film Editing, Ronkel Music Production, Ronkel Theatre, to all other courses offer not just education but an odyssey of discovery and growth. With hands-on experiences, expert guidance, and real-world internships, we sculpt individuals into versatile maestros ready to conquer the entertainment realm.
But our commitment doesn't end there. With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a culture of innovation, we're not just shaping careers; we're shaping the future. Our research center is a crucible of ideas, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in entertainment.
So, to all aspiring filmmakers, actors, and visionaries, join us at RONKEL MEDIA EDUCATION & RESEARCH INSTITUTE, where each frame is a canvas, each stage a world, and each student a beacon of innovation and impact in the world of film, theatre, and new media. Your journey to cinematic greatness starts here.

Inspiring Creativity, Fostering Excellence: A Warm Welcome from Our Academic Director

Dear Esteemed Students,
As the Academic Director of Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our esteemed institution.
Since our inception in 2014, we, at Ronkel, have been dedicated to pioneering innovation in media education, driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for nurturing talent. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, a luminary in the industry, we have forged ahead, setting new benchmarks and shaping the future of media education.
At Ronkel, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the ever-evolving cinematic landscape. That's why our curriculum is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic world of film, theatre, and new media. Through immersive learning experiences, industry engagement, and transformative educational philosophies, we strive to unlock your full potential and propel you towards unparalleled success.
I invite you to immerse yourself in our innovative programs, engage with industry experts, and seize the countless opportunities that await you at Ronkel MERI. Together, let us embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and limitless possibilities.
Welcome to the future of media education.
Warm regards,
Mr. Swadhin Padhy, IITian
Academic Director, Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute

Unprecedented Recognition from Sir Daniel Day-Lewis: A Remarkable Milestone

Receiving a personalized note and an exclusive book from the iconic three-time Oscar winner actor, Sir Daniel Day-Lewis, is an extraordinary achievement. This generous acknowledgment significantly underscores the importance of our ideology and work in the realms of cinema and education, providing a powerful validation. We are deeply honored by this gesture and it is a great inspiration to fuel our unwavering dedication to the world of cinema.

Groundbreaking Academic Collaborations

Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute (Ronkel MERI), pioneer film institute for film education in India, is proud to announce its groundbreaking academic collaborations that significantly enhance its curriculum and broaden student opportunities. These partnerships solidify Ronkel MERI's position at the forefront of innovative and industry-relevant film education.

JRRSU, Govt. Of Rajasthan

Our Academic Board Members

Shaping the Next Generation: Propelling Cinematic Luminaries Toward Greatness

Meet the esteemed Academic Board of Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute, a powerhouse of industry leaders from the South film industry. With vast experience and unparalleled expertise in filmmaking, production, writing, acting, distribution and beyond, our board shapes the future of media education and research. Join us in celebrating their talent and dedication as they drive the next generation of cinematic luminaries forward.

Our Courses

Scholarship Referred by Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship & More....

Ronkel is Known For

RONKEL-MERI doesn’t follow the conventional teaching methodologies. We train and teach our students according to the industry standards and norms.
Under the guidance and directive of the Advisory board members, wide arrays of courses have been designed very carefully. These curriculums are re-visited and reviewed time to time as per the need of the students.
1. Campus recruitments
2. In-house production
3. Paid Internship
4. Job references
Providing platform for a strong foothold in the industry.

Upcoming Events: TAGORE’S WORLD – Geet Sangeet Aur Katha

Groundbreaking Initiative

Skilled Bollywood: Where Dreams Take Root In Indian Cinema

Developing, Promoting & Honouring The Talent of Cinema

Placement at Ronkel Institute

Our priority is not only to teach but also to educate our students and bring out their best in their respective fields. After getting enough confidence, skills and experience, we allot our students with unique projects to make a mark in the industry. Students get required support to complete their projects and are given many opportunities to showcase their unique projects to Bollywood industry veterans. Projects are being guided and appreciated by famous and well-known Bollywood personalities (i.e. veteran writer and director Shri Shyam Benegal, writer and director Anurag Kashyap, famous ad film maker Shivendra Singh Dungarpur and many more.). Because of the unique projects, the students are constantly being featured by top newspapers (i.e. The Times of India, The Hindu, Deccan chronicle and many more.) This gives them a platform to showcase their talent and they easily get noticed by industry people.

Institute at a Glance

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  • jacqueline-fernandez-Best-film-institute-in-india
  • Mahesh-Bhatt-appreciates-our-mission-Skilled-Bollywood-ronkel
  • Versatile-Actor-Boman-Irani-appreciates-and-supports-Ronkel-Acting
  • Our-Acting-Student-Azhar-working-in-Tarak-Mehta-Ka-Oolta-Chashmah
  • Director-Shyam-Benegal-appreciates-and-Supports-our-Mission-SKilled-Bollywood
  • Satish-Kaushik-appreciates-RONKEL-ACTING
  • Boney-Kapoor-supporting-our-mission-Skilled-Bollywood-Ronkel
  • Sanjay-Mishra-Appreciates-and-supports-RONKEL-ACTING
  • Sanjay-Dhaka-finalist-JustDance-DID-India-Got-Talent
  • Nikhil-discussing-project-with-National-Award-Winning-Music-Director-Shantanu-Moitra
  • vikram-bhatt-appreciating-our-mission-skilled-Bollywood
  • Team-Ronkel-With-bollywood-film-writer-and-director-mr-anurag-kashyap
  • Reliance-Entertainment-Chairman-Amit-Khanna-awarding-certificate-to-our-students
  • Our-student-receiving-best-actor-award
  • appreciation-from-education-minister-of-maharashtra-&-chief-ministry-rajasthan
  • our-rj-student-naman-interviewing-bollywood-film-writer-and-director-tigmanshu-dhuliya
  • our-student-firashat-working-as-assistant-Director
  • Our-Student-Bhavya-Pandit-nominated-for-Filmfare-Award-for-Best-Female-Playback-Singer-Tamil
  • Girish-Kasaravalli-Appreciates-Our-Mission-Skilled-Bollywood
  • John-Matthew-Matthan-Sarfarosh-appreciates-our-education
  • Rajit-Kapur-appreciating-Ronkel-Acting
  • Bengali-Superstar-Prosenjit-Chatterjee-appreciating-our-unique-production-project-Shuddhi
  • National-Award-Winner-Actor-Saurabh-Shukla-Appreciates-Mission-Skilled-Bollywood
  • National-Film-Award-winning-Film-Director-P-Sheshadri
  • Our-Film-SHRADHANJALI-DVD-Launched-by-Director-General-of-Police-Manoj-Bhatt-and-other-Additional-Director-Generals-of-Police-at-Police-Academy
  • Making-and-Launching-of-our-Film-SHRADHANJALI-with-Director-General-of-Police-Manoj-Bhatt-and-Actor-Randeep-Hooda